Lamont School of Music Keeps Performance Alive with #DULamontCommunity

The hashtag #DULamontCommunity encourages past and present faculty and students to showcase their talents on Facebook and Instagram.

With COVID-19 putting a halt to recitals, DU’s Lamont School of Music has encouraged students and staff from the past and present to create and perform, adding their own spin to Stay at Home. The hashtag has become a growing movement online with performances ranging from every discipline and the list of collaborations is growing by the day. 

DU Lamont Percussionists

Percussionists flipped the limitations of working at home into an opportunity to think outside the box. Percussionist Joey Glassman crafted a recital, playing both the drums and xylophone simultaneously, with the collaboration of fellow student Thomas Jennings on guitar. Meanwhile, Lamont student Justin Douté performed a percussion duo with himself, of Six Duets in Rudimental Style, while social distancing outdoors. Then Joe Tompkins knits together a performance, becoming his own backing track, making us wonder if DU recitals will be forever changed even once lockdown is lifted.

DU Lamont Guitarists

Faculty member Nathan Payant, conductor of the Lamont Women’s Chorus wrote a touching dedication highlighting the silver lining of the sudden closure of our facilities. “Prior to this ordeal, I rarely picked up the guitar in recent years (maybe once or twice a year?!). It’s been fun dusting off the cobwebs, rebuilding calluses on my fingers, and learning new songs.” Payant performed a solo of You Are Love & Love Alone by All Sons & Daughters on Lamont’s Facebook

Another contributor included guitarist DU alumni Georgios Alevrofas who plays an acoustic piece as a dedication to the hymns sung in the Greek Orthodox church. He writes, “Easter means a lot to me. It’s always been my favorite time of the year, and especially memorable from all of the beautiful hymns sung in the Greek Orthodox church. Χριστός Ανέστη everyone!”

Lighthearted Renditions

There are also lighthearted renditions scattered throughout that aim to keep morale high. Baby There’s COVID Outside is a parody imagined by DU graduate Jenna Bainbridge and Eddie Lopez, and written by Katie Bainbridge, that pokes fun at the stay at home mandate while keeping an undertone of the importance of keeping our distance. And how can we not with so much creative inspiration springing up on our social media?  

Lamont jazz graduate student Camilla Vaitaitis with her sister Ronja Vaitaitis perform “Ripped Pants,” a hit song from SpongeBob SquarePants. The duo formed an a cappella choir by gathering multiple recordings of themselves and consolidating them into a smooth interpretation of this cheery tune. 

Lamont Faculty Recital Subscriptions

As the hashtag keeps gaining traction, we are looking forward to having our halls once again filled with music practices, live recitals, and the sounds of students going to classes. Last week we announced the 2020-2021 NCPA season reveal and this year we partner with our fellow Newman Center tenants to bring a Lamont Faculty Recitals subscription package. Browse the rest of the Lamont Community virtual performances on the Facebook page and be sure to check out Newman Center new subscription opportunities, currently available renewing subscribers and going on sale to the general public soon!