When Was the First Time You Went to the Theatre?

I remember the first time I went with my classmates to the theatre in December 2000. Our headteacher, Mrs Mosco, had organized for the entire school of 300 six to eleven-year-olds to see The Nutcracker at The Lowry Theatre in Manchester, UK. It was a thirty-minute bus ride from our elementary school. The buildup to this epic endeavor of a field trip involved rewriting the story, creating Nutcracker collages, recreating models of the Lowry Theatre and drilling into the 300 children that there would be no dialogue for two hours.

During the performance some kids fell asleep, some kids talked in hushed voices too loudly, and some sat transfixed. But it didn’t matter because the delight of being chosen to go to a grand theatre puffed up our egos for weeks before and after the show.

It may seem questionable to support a luxury like a theatre in times of a pandemic, however, these experiences are deep and meaningful. Since I’ve grown up, I’ve been to many ballets and the one that shines unfading in my memory is The Nutcracker I watched shoulder-to-shoulder with my classmates in elementary school.

Charlotte Markham

Students watching Black Violin in the Newman Center
School children at Black Violin student matinee performance.
Students entering Newman Center for the Performing Arts
Students entering the Newman Center for the Performing Arts.

Our Vision for the Arts in Denver

Our vision, simply put, is  to bring a diverse range of artists to Denver and make these performances accessible to everyone in our community. This means our halls are filled with children who are making their first trip to a theatre to see the Musical Explorers Culminating Concert. Or the arrival of school classes attending student matinee performances to hear adventure stories and see awe-inspiring photos taken by National Geographic scientists.

We are also here for long-term dance and jazz aficionados. For the family outings to Potted Potter. Every date night, every family excursion, every school field trip means something to someone. Let’s keep this going even when we are navigating one of the most challenging times in our history.

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The Arts Need Your Help More than Ever Before

As the Newman Center navigates one of the most challenging moments in history, our priorities center around ensuring a future for our students, audiences, artists, and venues. We want to continue serving our communities with diverse programming in upcoming seasons, bringing esteemed artists, profound speakers, and community engagement initiatives to DU and Denver. Like many of our peers, we have started a donation campaign, inviting our incredible audiences to make a gift to our Special Opportunities Fund. This funding allows us to continuously explore the best and brightest artistic initiatives, programs, and collaborations. If you would like to support our mission during this difficult time and are in a position to do so, please consider donating to the Newman Center. We are grateful for gifts of any size and you can also support the arts by sharing our social media posts or forwarding emails to friends. Join us in showing up for the arts on #1Day4DU.

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Black Violin student matinee_0061
Black Violin student matinee audience.