“What do you do?”

The following is an update from the Newman Center’s summer intern, Genesis Green.

As an intern placed at the Newman Center, that is often the first question that I am asked when explaining what my job is. I try my best to be concise and to the point when speaking to others but given the circumstances, explaining how I operate within the program requires a much more in-depth conversation than I am used to. Fortunately for me, I absolutely love working as an intern and take every opportunity to expound on the work I am lucky enough to accomplish. 

Due to COVID-19, my internship has operated completely online for the last 10 weeks. Though I admit, this formatting has its downfalls, I see it more as an opportunity than anything else. I feel that moving completely online has changed my mindset and has forced me to be intentional with every assignment that I am given. 

Each assignment I was given this summer has granted me the opportunity to explore a different aspect of arts nonprofit work. I have partnered with Community Engagement and Education to create a Community-Based Project that would inspire a socially distanced program for a specific community. I have constructed a platform on which alumni of the internship program may have a space to network and connect with one another. I have designed a Study Guide that acts as a curriculum for teachers participating in the Student Matinee Series and I have written a proposal discussing the Newman Center’s noble commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the arts. 

Now, at the tail end of my internship I think back on the question of “What do you do?” and I consider an answer. I can now say that I help further diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts by holding conversations surrounding social change. I create spaces for communities to connect with one another through programming and events. I gain knowledge in leadership and teamwork and learn how I can apply it to every job I will ever have. Thanks to this internship, I have done many things I didn’t think I would be able to. Now, I look eagerly to the future where I am confident that I can accomplish even more.