Box Office and General Inquiries

Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts
University of Denver
2344 East Iliff Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80210


Press inquiries may be directed to Justin Levy / 303-871-4154

Executive and Programming

Aisha Ahmad-Post, Executive Director
303-871-6544 /

Andryn Arithson, Director of Business Operations
303-871-6814 /

Marike Fitzgerald, Artistic Operations Manager
303-871-6425 /

Kristin Schulte, Business Operations Assistant
303-871-5236 /

Julia Johnson, Administrative Assistant
303-871-6422 /


Adriel Long, Assistant Director of Development & Individual Giving
303-871-6426 /

Ticketing Services

Richard Moraskie, Assistant Director, Ticketing Services
303-871-7715 /

Max Manoles, Manager of Ticketing, Newman Center Box Office
303-871-7718 /

Event Rental Services

Diane Roth, Assistant Director, Event Services
303-871-7580 /

Amanda Bargar, House Manager

Connie Washington, House Manager

Debbie Hindin-King, House Manager

Jennifer Reed, House Manager

Marketing and Communications

Justin Levy, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
303-871-4154 /

Allison Young, Marketing Assistant
303-871-6432 /


Luke Wachter, Associate Director, Educational Initiatives
303-871-6543 /

Patron Services

Rachel Hargroder, Assistant Director, Patron Services
303-871-7929 /

Production Management

Garret Glass, Assistant Director, Production Services
303-871-7958 /

Zach Jovanovich, Stage Operations Coordinator
303-871-6543 /

Shakeel Wahab, Stage Operations Coordinator
303-871-7958 /

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