B — The Underwater Bubble Show

March 31, 2022 at 7:30 pm
June Swaner Gates Concert Hall


B-The Underwater Bubble Show is a modern fairy tale with one major twist. “Each classic tale represents a journey of a kid who grows up and learns something,” explains co-creator and director Enrico Pezzoli. “We wanted a story about an adult character who discovers that he can still go back and enjoy life. We don’t always need to grow up. Sometimes we need to step backwards for a bit and restart.” 

Taking cues from Cirque du Soleil, the visually spectacular show incorporates the latest in stage technology. Lasers, low ground smoke and flying foam simulate waves and the underwater atmosphere. A juggler in a huge plastic ball is the performer that immediately attracts Mr. B and the audience into Bubblelandia’s wondrous world, while dancers and acrobats serve as small colorful fish chasing Mr. B and each other inside the aquarium. The biggest attraction of the show is the spectacular use of soap bubbles in multiple artistic ways.   

“Our main goal was to produce a show that could tour the world without any barriers, especially language,” Pezzoli explains. “We involved many elements of theater that could work without speech, like mime, puppets, physical comedy and sand painting, while adding visual special effects. Even in parts of the world where the culture may be different from our own, the result is always the same, with everyone cheering and applauding.” 

Produced by Brinum-X, a Latvian company with over 20 years of experience in over 32 countries, B-The Underwater Bubble Show is directed by Italian director, actor and bubble artist Enrico Pezzoli, whose credits include performances at the Olympic Games in Sochi (2014).  

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